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Located on the outskirts of the the Durban CBD, St Augustine’s Hospital is one of Durban’s most well known private hospitals. It is one of Kwazulu Natal’s largest private hospitals and has established itself at the forefront of private healthcare in South Arica. The hospital is over 100 years old, having been found by Bishop Jolivet in 1892. However, the age should not be detract from the fact that St Augustine’s Hospital is a modern state-of-the-art facility, having won leading industry awards for excellence. It offers the latest medical technology and a number of the country’s top medical specialists are based at the hospital’s medical centre. Today it remains one of the  busiest private hospitals in the greater Durban area.

Wards and Services

St Augustine’s Hospital has several dedicated wards for different specialties as well as  general wards. Collectively it has more beds than any other Netcare Hospital in the greater Durban area. With the largest private trauma unit, including a helipad facility, St Augustine’s has one of the leading emergency medicine units in the greater Durban are. The hospital also offers the latest in medical equipment that allows its team of world renowned specialists to offer cutting edge surgical procedures that are not available in most South African cities.

It is also well known for it specialized services for mothers and newborn babies. Apart from its large maternity ward, nursery, a high-tech neonatal ICU and paediatric cardiology specialists, St Augustine’s Hospital also offers fertility treatments with world renowned fertility specialists providing the latest in assisted reproductive technologies. It even offers post natal and nanny classes to ensure that mothers are coping with their newborn.

St Augustine’s Hospital stands out among many other private hospitals in South Africa in that its international accreditation and awards for certain procedures and disciplines. Among these, St Augustine’s Hospital has made its mark in weight loss surgery (bariatic surgery) and specifically the popular gastric bypass procedure. It is also the only South African hospital to offer salivary gland stone removal through fine endoscopy and lithotripsy (“stone blasting”) as well as computer-generated models for forehead transplants.

St Augustine’s has earned a worldwide reputation as being one of the leading kidney transplant facilities in Southern Africa and offers the latest in technology with computer guided knee and hip joint replacement surgery as well as dental implants. The hospital is also known for its plastic and reconstructive surgery services ranging from finger and forearm re-transplantation to breast reconstruction. A dedicated centre for hyperbaric therapy and wound care has armed the hospital with both the specialists and equipment to cater for a range of trauma-related and pathological conditions.


  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Centre
  • Internal medicine
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Paediatrics
  • Pathology
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Transplant
  • Urology
  • Vascular surgery

Speciality Clinics

  • EEG and Sleep Laboratory
  • The Durban Arthritis Centre and Osteoporosis Unit
  • The Durban Pain Clinic

Visiting Hours

St Augustine’s Hospital does not have morning visiting hours for patients in most wards. The general visiting hours for all wards, including the maternity ward is as follows:

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  • Afternoon: 15h00 to 16h00 (3PM to 4PM)
  • Evening: 19h00 to 20h00 (7PM to 8PM)

Fathers of newborn babies are allowed to visit anytime during the day from 8AM to 10PM. A special grandparent’s time slot is at 10.30AM to 11AM.

Physical Address

107 JB Marks Road (Chelmsford Road)
Berea, Durban
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Map to Location

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Phone and Fax

Tel: +27 31 268 5000
Fax: +27 31 201 4598

Website: Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital

Image sourced from Netcare Hospitals website.

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  • Hi Could you please send me a list off all current Gynaecologies and Obstetrics that are based at the hospital?

    • Please note that we are an independent website that provides information on private hospitals in South Africa. We do not have any direct relationship with the private hospitals or practitioners listed here. If you have queries for the hospital, you will need to contact them directly.

  • I would like to complain about the bad service from Dr [REMOVED] secretary. She has no telephone
    manner and insinuated that I was lying!
    I was referred by Dr [REMOVED] for a scan of my kidneys. I had the scan on the 14-09-2016 and was told that
    they would send the results to Dr [REMOVED]. I phoned Dr Kadwa’s rooms on 15-09-2016 at 09:00. I was told that the results had not been received and that I should phone back in the afternoon. This I duly did at
    14:15. I was told that the Doctor would phone me back with the results. I did not receive the call and phoned again today at 08:52. I was told by the rude receptionist that she told me that they had not received the
    results and that the Doctor was overseas. I have now had to phone the Lab to get my results. Obviously this receptionist does not worty about her doctors patients. What happens if my problem is serious?

    • Hi Bev. This is an independent website on private hospitals in South Africa. We are not directly affiliated with the facility or hospital group in question. You may want to contact them directly with your complaint. It is also important to note that doctors in the medical centres attached to private hospitals are independent practitioners. If you have a complaint about a specific private practitioner’s staff member, then you need to speak to the practitioner in question directly.

  • Greetings my name is Terence [REMOVED] and I was admitted about three weeks ago I requested my medical report the week before last and they said medical records take about around 7 working days I am just checking if my records are ready yet as I am struggling to claim for my hospitalization my ID number is [REMOVED] your reply will be highly appreciated please respond to email.
    Regards T Bhengu

    • Hi Terence. As stated on our About page, we are not associated with the hospital in any way. We are an independent website that lists information about private hospitals in South Africa. If you have specific requests for the hospital then you need to direct it at them. You can find some of the contact details above or visit the hospital’s website for further contact information.

  • Hi
    I paid an account today ref 1003138458 via online banking. You now require me to fax this payment proof to yourselves. In this day and age when faxes are old school this is the only method you use? You don’t even have an email address on your website.
    You boast state of the art facilities but yet use an antiquated payment confirmation system.
    I would like a response if you care!

    • Good day. We are an independent website on private hospitals in South Africa. You need to direct your correspondence to the hospital in question. Visit their website for further details or contact them on one of the telephone numbers. We are not affiliated with any hospital or hospital group.

  • I have completed the pre check in procedures and got my authorization code please advise if on the day of my operation must I bring I.D. Again. I was advised not to bring any valuables so it is necessary to bring the actual I.d. Book as it would b inconvenient if this is stolen. I have a photocopy would that do.

    • Hi Gail. This is an independent website on private hospitals in South Africa. We are not affiliated with the hospital or any hospital group. You need to speak directly with the hospital staff.

  • My brother-in-law is suffering from a urology related ailment and is looking at seeking help from St Augustine on recommendation from a friend. I would appreciate a specific profile of your Urology department including its personnel, urology sub areas of specialisation and operations as well as technology involved. Regards

  • Hy my tooth has been worrying and since saturday morning and can’t excess any dentist on medical aid today, and I cant even sleep on a supine or pronate position I have to be upright, and every 10mins(approx) I get a terrible headache, along with a ear hurting and I can feel the pain on my nerves in my tooth, making it the worst 3minutes of my life before it calms down again, can I please come take it out or get really sadative strong pills?!

  • Kindly be informed that in 2019 my son was admitted in that hospital hoping that medical was going to pay the whole amount to my surprise the Hospital send me quotation saying that I am owing Hospital R6000,idecided to pay that money, now I want you give me the proof that I have paid the amount,

  • Hi I would like to fond out how do I get hold of old medical records as old as 1981 I think my mother was admitted in st augustine while pregnant with me if its true I needed copies of having her as a patient it would have been in the pycatric side of the hospital as Ive been briefed with that possibility.Thank you

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