The hospital is situated in the city of Springs on the East Rand of Gauteng.  Springs started out as a farm and soon developed after the discovery of coal and later gold in the area.  Today Springs is known for its manufacturing and engineering industries, which includes processed metals, chemicals, paper and foodstuff.

Springs is nestled between Boksburg, Benoni and Brakpan on the East Rand.  People living in Springs enjoy its suburban and town-like feel and the easy access to major cities in the area.  It lies about 50km East of Johannesburg and 72km South-East from Pretoria.  The well-known Carnival City Casino is only 19km West of Springs.

The hospital is easily accessible via the N17 to the South and the R51 to the North and East of the hospital.  The 24-hour accident and emergency department serves the community and surrounding areas around the clock.

Beds and Wards

The hospital has 175 beds and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.  Private and medical aid patients receive quality healthcare services from dedicated and highly professional medical staff and doctors.

The medical- and surgical intensive care units provide high quality medical care to critically injured and ill patients with professional staff on call around the clock.  Babies in need of specialised high care are cared for at the neonatal intensive care unit which is equipped with the latest technology support and monitoring equipment.  The paediatric intensive care unit and ward care for children in a child-friendly and tranquil environment.

Disciplines and Services

Cardiothoracic surgery
Ear, nose and throat surgery (Otorhinolaryngology)
General practice
General surgery
Internal medicine
Maxillo-facial and oral surgery
Orthopaedic surgery
Paediatric surgery

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Visiting Hours

10h00 – 11h00
15h00 – 16h00
19h00 – 20h00

Physical Address

7 Tonk Meter Road
Pollok Park
South Africa

Map to Location

Telephone and Fax Numbers

Tel:  +27 11 365 1400
Fax:  +27 11 365 1444

Website:  netcare.co.za

13 Thoughts on “N17 Hospital (Netcare) in Springs, Gauteng”

  • Good day, Im 11 weeks pregnant and do not have a medical aid and would like to deliver to your hospital. How much do you charge if I don’t have a medical aid and want to deliver natural birth.

    • Hi David. You should consult with a specialist (urologist) who is based at or near the hospital. The urologist will be able to assist you with your problem and utilise the hospital facilities if necessary.

  • We were at the emergency room today with our son. The nurses were very nice, polite and helpful but we are not happy with the service we got from the doctor that assisted us. He didn’t even introduce himself to us and we couldn’t hear a word when he spoke. He didn’t communicate properly with us and didn’t even explain what we must do at home with our son’s injury.

  • Good day,

    How much do you charge for hospitalization per day, any other related costs? I want to pay cash.

  • I want to consult with a dermatologist I was wondering if I would need to pay for the consultation fee or the medical aid can cover it

  • Good morning
    i would like to get your assistance by finding some documents. i was a client at your hospital before while my father was still alive, i took out my tonsils in 2008 there and i believe you still have my health record. My father died at your hospital in 2008 late september. I need my file as well as his , i need a DNA profile for both mentioned , this is very important to me and its needed ASAP .

    please get to me and help me with this Costs will be covered

  • Hi

    My niece has been in an accident and has no medical aid. Her leg was broken in 3 places and her shoulder is also broken. This happened on Wed and she is still waiting to be treated. Approximately how much is the daily charge for hospital accommodation and the total cost to treat someone with such injuries?

    Kind regards

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