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Located in the heart of Durban, just a few kilometres away from the city centre, Parklands Hospital in Overport is one of Netcare’s premier facilities in the city. This well known establishment has been in existence for the past 65 years when it was previously Parklands Nursing Home and became part of the Netcare Hospital group in 1998. It is now considered to be one of the leading and most popular private hospitals within Durban. With the Netcare Group’s larger St. Augustine’s Hospital less than 5 kilometers away, patients can be assured of additional medical services if necessary.

Beds and wards

The hospital has some 193 beds spread out across various wards catering for different specialties and patient needs. It is staffed by a dedicate nursing team who epitomise Netcare’s commitment to the best quality private healthcare for both local and international patients. The consignment of beds is spread out in different wards as follows :

  • 24 private rooms
  • 12 bed day ward
  • 7 bed intensive care and high care ward
  • 5 bed neonatal ICU
  • 15 bed paediatric ward
  • 18 bed maternity unit
  • 16 bed minor and 36 bed major surgical ward
  • 20 bed general medicine unit
  • 27 bed oncology unit

Departments and services

Within the hospital itself and medical centre on the hospital grounds is a team of healthcare professionals, medical specialists and nursing staff providing the best of what private South African healthcare has to offer. This includes :

  • Diabetic Clinic
  • ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Surgery
  • Endocrinology
  • Eye Clinic
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Physicians
  • General Surgery
  • Gynaecology
  • Maxillo-facial Surgery
  • Neonatalogy
  • Oncology including Paediatric Haemotology
  • Paediatric and Paediatric Surgery
  • Pathology – Ampath Laboratories (Bouwer and Partners) and Lancet Laboratories.
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Pulmonology
  • Radiology
  • Urology

Visiting Hours

  • General : Daily from 15h00 to 16h00 and 19h00 to 20h00.
  • Maternity : Daily from 15h00 to 16h00 and 19h00 to 20h00.
  • General (Multi-) Intensive Care Unit : 15:00 to 16:00 and 19:00 to 20:00.

Physical Address

75 Hopelands Road
Durban, 4001
Kwazulu Natal
South Africa

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Map to Location

Phone and Fax

Tel: +27 31 242 4000
Fax: +27 31 207 5463

Website : Netcare Parklands Hospital

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    • Hi Torbjorn. We have removed your personal details from your comment. We cannot assist you. You will have to speak to the hospital directly. Refer to teh contact details above. SA Private Hospitals is independent of any facility or hospital group. We only profile private hospitals in South Africa.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Parklands Hospital – Urology ward for their outstanding and most heart felt care given to me during my stay on two separate occasions.
    From the top staff down to the cleaner the ward treated me with kindness and respect and Always maintained a professional attitude towards their work and the treatment given while also making sure I felt like a person….it’s these combinations that we look for in our institutions.

    Again to all of you at Oncology Urology and also ICU Green zone.. a heart felt thank you wish you ALL the best during the Christmas rush and May God keep you and your families safe and protected.

  • Hi I am from Ethiopia. I had a gastric surgery (vagotomy and pyloroplasty) 18 years ago. Additionally my gall bladder is removed 17 years ago. Currently I am suffering from bile reflux and severe pain in my stomach. Can this problem surgically corrected. If so, how much does this procedure cost? How is the success rate? Please respond soon.

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